Connect Up Carver - Across the Road and Fiber Feeder Line Routes

Outside Area Routes (2)

Based on the separate but associated Connect Up Carver Project, the County identified addresses on the opposing side of the road and along fiber feeder line connection routes that fall outside of the Connect Up Carver "Defined Geographic Construction Area".  The County designed and compiled data needed to negotiate with Metronet to initiate a non-binding agreement to install the needed fiber infrastructure, as part of the Connect Up Carver build, so that locations on the feeder routes or that border the Connect Up Carver Service Area, could also have Metronet fiber service made available to them.

This non-binding agreement will help to make fiber internet available to almost 1,200 additional rural locations scattered throughout Carver County.

Service to these locations will be made available at relatively the same time that service is made available to your neighbors or businesses that are being turn up as part of the Connect Up Carver project build go live.