Below is an address search tool that will identify the status of the County's efforts to help bring high speed internet availability to all locations in Carver County.  Only property addresses physically located within Carver County borders are included in this address lookup tool, which includes addresses that have an out of county post office mailing address.  If your address resides in Carver County borders and you cannot find it in this search tool contact Randy Lehs, CarverLink Fiber Manager, at  Provide your name, physical property address and phone number in your email so we can fix the issue.

Carver County negotiated with Metronet to pilot their first ever rural program that eliminates Metronet's maximum 200 ft driveway limit to the house or business that would have previously labeled that address as unserviceable.

Based on the separate but associated Connect Up Carver Project, the County identified addresses on the opposing side of the road and along fiber feeder line connection routes that fall outside of the Connect Up Carver defined geographic construction area. 

City Fiber Agreements are agreements that CarverLink drafted and then helped to facilitate agreement between Metronet and Carver County cities, which encompass Metronet agreeing to build out fiber to addresses within each respective city.

View all the information about our $10.5 million Connect Up Carver project that started in 2022 and runs through Dec 31, 2024, which includes constructing over 360+ miles of rural fiber in Carver County to make fiber internet service available to 2200+ rural addresses.

On December 12, 2023 the Carver County Board adopted the 2024 Property Tax Levy and Budget, which included $2.5 million in one time funding to expand CarverLink's ongoing Connect Up Carver rural fiber build project with Connect Up Carver Expansion 2.0.

Based on the separate but associated CarverLink Connect Up Carver primarily rural build project, these five city limit build areas, located within Chanhassen, Victoria, Watertown and Cologne, are part of an arrangement between CarverLink and Metronet to construct fiber within them.

The purpose of this State of Minnesota funded program is to award grants for the extension of existing broadband infrastructure to individual unserved locations that are just outside the distance that service providers consider serviceable.

Based on the separate but associated Connect Up Carver Project, the County identified 9+ miles of "fill the gaps" fiber construction in the overall 360 miles of build that would benefit from filling gaps along various routes.

Based on the associated Connect Up Carver Project, the County identified a number of high priority fiber routes to several public and community support entity locations,which the County identifies as Exhibit C items.

CarverLink submits a Congressionally Directed Spending (CDS) Request Application in March 2023 called the Help Us to the Finish Line - Carver County Rural Broadband. -----  In July 2023 CarverLink was notified that our CDS request was no longer under consideration.

More Information Coming Soon

More Information Coming Soon

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Public and Community Support Entities

The public and community support entities served by the CarverLink Fiber Network include the County, connections within all 11 of our cities (Carver, Chanhassen, Chaska, Cologne, Hamburg, Mayer, New Germany, Norwood Young America (NYA), Victoria, Waconia, Watertown), our transit authority (SW Transit), all public schools of our 7 school districts, our college (Crown College), the two largest medical providers within the County (Ridgeview Medical and Lakeview Clinic), the Carver County Economic Development Authority, and several townships.  There are two types of public users on the CarverLink network:  users that only use CarverLink as their internet service provider (ISP) and users that use CarverLink internet as well as dark fiber between their facilities, allowing them to eliminate communication lines known as T1’s or their equivalents.

If you are with a public entity, either within or outside of Carver County and have questions about connections to the CarverLink network, please contact Randy Lehs, CarverLink Fiber Manager at 952-361-1200.

Private Businesses and Residents

The private customers in the CarverLink network, which include the businesses and residents of Carver County, are served by the initial service provider in our network,  Metronet (formerly Jaguar Communications) and Arvig.  CarverLink also has fiber available for other qualified service providers to utilize so they can provide services to businesses and residents and it is the County’s desire to allow the free market to initiate competition and shape the opportunities and services in the marketplace.  At this time no other service providers outside of Metronet and Arvig have entered the marketplace using the CarverLink fiber.  If you are interested in connecting to Metronet's fiber network or Arvig's fiber network please contact:


call 952-236-5666

Ken Smith
Direct Sales Manager, MN
call 507-884-1807

Open Access / Open Interconnect (Internet Service Providers Only)

The primary reason for the construction of the CarverLink Fiber Network was to provide high-speed connectivity for the County and the public entities of Carver County.

Second, the CarverLink Network was constructed to put in place the middle mile communications infrastructure to allow qualified private service providers to provide services to residents and businesses that they could not previously reach. Apart from Metronet and Arvig, there are six additional wired service providers in Carver County: CenturyLink/Lumen, Comcast, Frontier, Mediacom, Charter, and Nuvera. To date, none of these providers has expressed an active interest in using CarverLink fiber infrastructure to provide services to new customers or upgraded services to their existing customers.

If you are a service provider and are interested in potentially utilizing fiber within the CarverLink Fiber Network, please contact Randy Lehs, CarverLink Fiber Manager at 952-361-1200.