Minnesota MN Line Extension Program



    The Line Extension Connection program goal is to connect residents and businesses that lack access to broadband internet service to service providers, and then assist in the expense of extending broadband to those locations.


    Residential and business locations that are unserved (lack access to speeds of at least 25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload) can apply by entering their information into the Line Extension Connection portal. This will initiate their interest in receiving broadband internet service and make their location available for consideration. By submitting your address into the Line Extension Connection portal, internet service providers will have the opportunity to review the location and submit a bid based on the cost to bring service to your location. The Office of Broadband Development will evaluate these bids and required provider documentation and make awards to the providers whose bid proposes the lowest cost to the State for extension of the service.  Submitting location information into the Line Extension Connection portal does not guarantee extension of service. If a resident or business cannot access the online portal, the Office of Broadband Development can assist in this process. Please call 651-259-7610.


    Locations that currently lack broadband service or have actual broadband speeds of less than 25/3Mbps.


    The Minnesota Broadband Line Extension Connection Program has been allocated $15 million in total funding. Limits per line extension are set by Minnesota law. These limits are: A per line extension amount cannot exceed $25,000. The Office of Broadband Development must ensure the bid is a cost-effective use of state funds.


    The Minnesota Broadband Line Extension Connection online portal is accepting applications. The bidding and review processes must take place before awards can be made. Once made, projects must be completed within 12 months of the contract date. At least every six months, OBD will provide Internet Service Providers the listing of addresses requesting service Service providers will have 10 days to notify OBD of service availability at those locations Service Providers have 60 days to submit bids on locations they would like to extend service to OBD will evaluate all bids within 60 days and select the provider whose bid requests the lowest amount of financial support from the state.


    After the State of MN made the MN Line Extension program available, Carver County staff, based on our best analysis of broadband data available to us, identified upwards of 440 addresses that we felt would benefit from this program.  So in December of 2022 the County compiled and sent out a direct mailer to these addresses informing them of this program and their potential eligibility.

    Then again in September 2023 the County sent a follow up letter to all these locations reminding residents of their eligibility for this program.

MN Line Extension Letter